Courtney Collins

Courtney Collins is a 23 year old student at the University of Utah and will earn her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology this April 2020. Her educational career does not stop there as she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Nursing and become a critical care nurse. Her love for patient care is evident in her full-time job as a certified nurse’s assistant in the University of Utah Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Here she is humbled by and proud to work with the state’s most ill and traumatically injured, and provide comfort and care to her patients and their families. Her passion for caring for others has been rewarded by being recognized as an honoree at the Annual Honors for Nursing in 2018. 


Courtney combined her career passion and education to create her platform “Honoring the Elderly,” which is a program set out to help the aging population stay active and involved in their communities. Her favorite places to serve Utah’s elderly are with the University of Utah Hospital Elder Life Program, which is a delirium prevention program for hospitalized patients over the age of 65. As well as teach free exercise classes twice a week at senior living centers throughout Salt Lake City. She is thrilled to work with such a wise, experienced, and personable age group and believes she embodies USOA’s motto of Empowering Women, Inspiring Others, and Uplifting Everyone by helping people live their best lives at all ages.


Growing up, Courtney was a competitive dancer and trained strictly in ballet, tap, jazz and modern for 18 years. Since then she has trained with the San Jose Ballet, University of Utah School of Dance, and has been a member of the University of Utah Dance Team. GO UTES! She still loves to dance in her free time, but mostly importantly she loves spending time with her family and her dog Sophie. She is most inspired by her younger sister Hannah, who although is younger, is teaching her so much about bravery, perseverance, kindness, and love.